Architectural Agency and the Commons

This is the title of my and Ioanni Delsante‘s Special Issue of The Journal of Architecture – just out – and this is what you can find in it:


Architectural agency and the commons

Ioanni Delsante & Alessandro Zambelli


‘Period property in sought-after area’: 2,500 years of Digging and building at St George’s Hill

Alessandro Zambelli

Introducing the architectural values of the commons

Valentin Bourdon

Post-democratic governance in refugee camps versus newcomers’ architectural housing commons in Athens and Thessaloniki

Charalampos Tsavdaroglou & Konstantinos Lalenis

Biennial commoning: opening, reusing and sharing the city at the architecture festival

Joel Robinson

Creative commoning: design experiments exploring ways for platform technology to democratise architectural practice and production

Jacqui Alexander

What does the common look like?

Amir Djalali


Common space creation: can architecture help? (Towards a provisional manifesto)

Stavros Stavrides

The role of architects in initiating, sustaining and defending urban commons in mass housing estates: R-Urban in Grand Ensembles

Doina Petrescu & Constantin Petcou

The genesis of my contribution ‘‘Period property…’ is described briefly here and began in 2016 and the Special Issue itself from Ioanni’s 2019 conference in Pavia.(1) The pandemic and other things intervened and I am very grateful for the saint-like patience of everyone I worked with, those above and those at The Journal of Architecture, especially Doreen Bernath and Deljana Iossifova.

Top image from Winstanley (1975) dir. Kevin Brownlow


  1. ‘The City as a Commons Research Symposium’, Pavia, Italy, 2–4 September 2019 <> [accessed 21 February 2023]

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