Recent Activity

Journal articles, books and book chapters

Zambelli, Alessandro. Scandalous Space: Between Architecture and Archaeology. Baunach: AADR Spurbuchverlag, 2019.

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Occlusions of the Operational Sequence: A Coincidental Conversation between Robert Matthew and André Leroi-Gourhan in Six Diagrams.”  In Architecture and Anthropology, edited by Adam Jasper, Routledge (2018).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Scandalous Artefacts: Visual and Analogical Practice between Architecture and Archaeology.” In Phd Research Projects 2018, edited by Nina Vollenbroker. London: Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, (2018).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Occlusions of the Operational Sequence: A Coincidental Conversation between Robert Matthew and André Leroi-Gourhan in 6 Diagrams.” Architectural Theory Review 21, no. 2 (2017): 149-71.

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Villa Madama: reconstruction as design in architecture and archaeology.” in Column, edited by Will Burges, (2016).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Drawing: a materialist definition.” in The Bartlett Drawing Research Series, edited by Tayob, H., Ferencz, J., Read, S., UCL, (2016).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Everything is Everything.” Journal of Contemporary Archaeology 2, no. 2 (2015): 248-52.

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Scandalous Artifacts: Practice between Archaeology and Architecture.” Architecture and Culture 1, no. 1-2 (2013): 182-201.

Zambelli, Alessandro. “The Undisciplined Drawing.” Buildings 3, no. 2 (2013): 357-79.

Conferences / Workshops / Exhibitions

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Archaeological architectures Architectural archaeologies”, a session organised with Lesley McFadyen of Birkbeck for the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Conference at the Institute of Archaeology. December 2019.

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Wastes and Strays: places for paying attention” Paper presented at The City as a Commons Symposium, University of Pavia. September 2019.

Zambelli, Alessandro [organiser and co-curator with Samantha Lynch]. Sites of Encounter exhibition of work by researchers in the School of Architecture and Design at the University of Brighton. Mithras House Gallery, University of Brighton (29th April – 10th May 2019).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Do Architects and Archaeologists Draw Differently….” Paper presented at the Archaeology – Drawing – Architecture Seminar/Workshop, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London (15th Feb. 2019).

Zambelli, Alessandro. Collaboration with Judd, Ben “The Part Versus the Whole” as part of New Perspectives series of exhibitions, Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool. (2018)

Zambelli, Alessandro. “The Return of Jack and Becky: a propositional reconstruction” exhibited at Marks Make Meaning: drawing across disciplines, University Gallery, University of Brighton, (2018).

Zambelli, Alessandro [organiser and chair]. Tangible and Intangible Commons symposium, University of Brighton, (2017).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “London Stone Reconstructed.” in Conversazione III – Fragments: Archaeologies in and of the Architectural Library, at the RIBA, (2016).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “’Period property in sought-after area’: 2,500 years of digging at St. George’s Hill.” at AHRC Common Ground Conference, University of York, (2016).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Drawing Instruments and Disciplinarity: A Chronotopic Approach.” at Bartlett Drawing Research Series Conference, The Bartlett, UCL, (2016).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Undisciplined Drawing.” at The Visual and the Verbal Conference, University of Brighton, (2015).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “The Undisciplined Drawing.” at Res. Phil. for Design lecture and workshop, Oxford Brookes University, (2015 and 2014).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “Rendering the Invisible Visible: the moves of London Stone.” at Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Bournemouth, University of Bournemouth, (2013).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “The Moves of London Stone” [exhibition of PhD work and guided tour of related sites], The Bartlett, UCL and The Guildhall Library, London, (2013).

Zambelli, Alessandro. “The Undisciplined Drawing” at Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Chicago, University of Southampton via live video feed to the University of Chicago, (2013).