Situated Ecologies of Care

**Call for Sessions**

Portsmouth School of Architecture and the Architectural Humanities Research Association invite proposals for sessions and events for their 2023 International Conference.

With some colleagues I’m organising this event later in the year in collaboration with the AHRA – I haven’t organised a conference/symposium since Tangible and Intangible Commons back in 2017 and this will be *much* bigger, I’m really looking forward to it – do come!

For more information about the conference, how to submit a proposal and contact details visit us here:

Architecture is always deeply entangled with both ‘big’ issues and with everyday lives. Architecture’s ‘produce’ directly participates in various intertwined ecologies, including those of the environment, culture, economy, the political, and the aesthetic. Whether we are looking at climate catastrophe, the distribution of wealth or the nature of community empowerment, the transformative power of the disciplines and practices of architecture (and its cognate disciplines) cannot be underestimated. The transformations occur through our ethos and methodologies in encounters – materials, constructions, ideas and concepts – with various pressing situated matters of concern both local and shared across the globe.

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