My research interests lie across and between the disciplines of architecture, archaeology, and anthropology. Particular areas of research expertise in this interdisciplinary field include:

Recent and on-going collaborations with the Newcastle University Research Institute (NUHRI) are investigating historical, contemporary and creative uses of urban common land.

The Structure of Architectural Interdisciplinarity
The visual and analogical foundations of design-centred disciplines. In particular understanding disciplines as borderless centres of practice which, for design, proceed through the making of, often, visual artefacts, afforded meaning through analogical interconnectedness.

Drawing between Architecture and Archaeology
I make work – drawings and texts – between the historically interconnected disciplines of architecture and archaeology. Through recent collaborations with UCL’s Bartlett Drawing Research group and the Institute of Archaeology’s Archaeology-Heritage-Art network my work is centred upon this small but growing field.

The Theory of Architectural Practice
Within architecture itself my research, as well as my lecturing at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, seeks to understand both architectural history and theory, and the professional practice of architecture, as differences of emphasis rather than differences of category; that architecture is the product of a constant shuttling between practice and theory.