The Garage of the Dead

This is a drawing I (mostly) made in 1992 as part of my Diploma (as it was then) in architecture.

It’s a bit rough around the edges: the original drawing was lost; it had been photographed (poorly) and then, at some point, copied. That photograph was also lost and so this third-hand image is all that remains. It had faded a little over the intervening years until I finally got round to scanning it eight, perhaps nine, years ago.

Every few years I work on the drawing a little, sometimes a repair; re-saturating the colour of some parts a little (the blue of the fair-ground car had completely disappeared), sometimes I make substantial alterations; the truck was added six or seven years ago. Also the background was white, not black. At least I think it was white, I can’t quite remember for sure.

Now it is my Twitter avatar @a_zambelli and the first post on this blog.

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