Scandalous Space, the book

My little book about architecture and archaeology has just come out. It’s called Scandalous Space: between architecture and archaeology and it’s published as part of the Art Architecture Design Research (AADR) imprint by the lovely people at Spurbuchverlag. Thank you Rochus!


This is what it looks like alongside some of its AADR ‘mates’.

AADR_All Covers-01

..and this is a slightly extended version of what the back cover says it’s all about:

If architecture is a design-centred discipline which proceeds by suggesting propositional constructions then, Zambelli argues, archaeology also designs, but in the form of reconstructions. He proposes that whilst practitioners of architecture and archaeology generally purport to practice in future-facing and past-facing-modes respectively, elements of these disciplines also resemble one another. Zambelli speculates that whilst some of these resemblances have remained explicit and revealed, others have become occluded with time, but that all such resemblances share homological similarities of interconnected disciplinary origin making available in the scandalous space between them a logically underpinned, visually analogical form of practice.

I posted a little more about the idea of the ‘scandalous’ in interdisciplinary practice a while back here.

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